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Well hi. I am Anna 18 and from Austria. My blog mostly contains Sherlock,Doctor Who,Breaking Bad, Hannibal,AHS, Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Michael Fassbender,Tom Hardy, Inception.


until backstory proves otherwise, this is my headcanon

Levi had long-ish hair when he roamed the streets, and after he fell in love decided to officially join the Scouting Legion, he asked Erwin to cut him a similar hairstyle

he hasn’t yet realized his ears also turn red when he blushes

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Professor - To all the student. If you see a man in a cape, do not be afraid. He’s just overly emotional. Also tell him to remove said cape because it tracks mud onto the carpets.

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Cherik AU: Erik is a CIA agent and Charles an informer. They start a forbidden and dangerous relationship, which soon blows the latter’s cover.

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I’m watching X-Men (2000) and holy shit everyone looks so young. Hugh Jackman looks like a goddamn college student. Anna Paquin was practically a fetus.

And then there’s Patrick Stewart. He looks the same as I imagine he did in 976 AD.

couldn’t find a picture from then but here he is around 30 AD


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