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Well hi. I am Anna 18 and from Austria. My blog mostly contains Sherlock,Doctor Who,Breaking Bad, Hannibal,AHS, Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Michael Fassbender,Tom Hardy, Inception.
Will Graham:I'd like to resume my therapy.
Hannibal Lecter:Where shall we begin?
Fannibals:*screams into a pillow*


That time Will Graham real talked Chilton so hard.

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me after every episode of hannibal


us after every episode of hannibal

You said I was no good. I’m nothing.

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part two | i wish i was making this up 

[ part one here ]

i fucking can’t handle you anx korea

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I want you to see this place for what it really is. I want you to feel what I’m feeling. You said that you were lost. I was alone, too, and when I had nothing left, she found me. She called to me, and she led me here. You said that your life was upside down. Well, maybe this is where you’re really supposed to be.

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clint barton shows up to shield 15 minutes late with a starbucks


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